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Data Recovery Services

If you have lost your data, you are in the right hands!
We cover a wide range of data recovery services and our engineers go through every possibility to rescue your lost data in an efficient and safe way. Revival Solutions is Pakistan’s leading data recovery service provider. We have the latest tools and techniques to rescue your lost data. We support all types of Hard Drives, SSD, External Drives, SCSI, SAS, RAID Arrays, NAS/SAN, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards and Smartphones.

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These are the most common cases we get every day! The ISO 5 Class 100 clean room facility along with the latest tools and techniques helps us to to evaluate each case and rescue your data efficiently. Most common cases includes:
  • Accidental file deletion
  • Formatted partitions
  • Virus attacks/File corruption
  • Power failure
  • Unrecognized drives
  • Media & PCB damage
usb flash data recovery service
Everyone got one of these in pocket and they are prone to damage. We support data recovery from all types of USB/Flash Drives. Most common cases includes
  • Virus attacks
  • File deletion/corruption
  • Encrypted drives/password locked
  • Device not recognized
  • Wrong capacity
  • Physically broken drives
Systems can crash and we can save your important data! We support data recovery all types of hard drives and operating systems. Most common cases includes
  • Virus attacks
  • Boot disk failure
  • OS Failure
  • Physical system damage
  • Power failure
  • Water damage
  • Password locked systems
  • Burned systems (case dependent)
We have advanced data recovery techniques to rescue your lost files from mobile devices. Each case is evaluated according to the mobile specifications. We are also supporting chip-off data recovery from major phone brands and models. Most common case includes
  • Deleted Data
  • Formatted devices
  • Screen locked devices
  • Electronic PCB damage
  • Power & reboot failures
  • Broken or damaged screen
These are SATA drives converted to USB drives through a bridge. Most drives have in-built encryption for data security. Our lab fully supports data recovery from these drives. Most common case includes
  • Virus attacks
  • Partition damage
  • Inaccessible files
  • Slow responding drives
  • Damaged firmware
  • Physically damaged drives
  • Clicking/buzzing behavior
DVR has proprietor file systems and specifications. We support all major DVR brands for data recovery that are available in market. Most common cases includes
  • Formatted DVR
  • Wrong disk initialization
  • Damaged index
  • Misconfigured DVR
  • Bad sectors in media
  • Physically damaged DVR
We will not let your business suffer due to crashed enterprise storage systems. Revival Solutions can help restore your data so that your business is not affected. We support all server hard drives and operating systems. Most common cases includes:
  • Damaged/ Misconfigured RAID
  • Inaccessible Drives
  • Controller Damaged/Failure
  • Physically damaged drives
  • Inaccessible Drive
  • Multiple Hard Drive Crashes
  • Fire/Flood Damage (case dependent)
MacBook failed? No problem! Apple MacBook uses HFS+ and APFS file systems. These are different from the standard NTFS/FAT. Our engineers understand the OS and have mastered the techniques to recover your lost data. Most common cases includes
  • Deleted Files
  • Formatted OS
  • Bad Sectors
  • Encrypted drives/password locked
  • Device not recognized
  • Physically damaged MacBook
Android is the most common OS in smartphones and tablets. Recovering data from Android OS is getting challenging day by day due to security features being implemented. Each phone is rooted to gain the memory access and data is then retrieved. Most common cases includes
  • Deleted files
  • Factory restored OS
  • Reboot failures
  • Bootloader error
  • Locked Android phones

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